2002 Original: Workshop Report, Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention

Asthma is a serious global health problem. People of all ages in countries throughout the world are affected by this chronic airway disorder that can be severe and sometimes fatal. The prevalence of asthma is increasing everywhere, especially among children. Asthma is a significant burden, not only in terms of health care costs but also of lost productivity and reduced participation in family life.


During the past two decades, we have witnessed many scientific advances that have improved our understanding of asthma and our ability to manage it effectively. However, the diversity of national health care service systems and variations in the availability of asthma therapies require that recommendations for asthma care be adapted to local conditions throughout the global community. In addition, public health officials require information about the costs of asthma care, how to effectively manage this chronic disease, and best education methods in order to develop asthma care services and programs responsive to the particular needs and circumstances within their countries.


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