Plan your WAD event



On this page, we break down the activity planning process into a few simple steps, and guide you to the GINA resources that you'll find useful along the way.


New! World Asthma Day 2015 media backgrounders and a template press release are now available. Click on Step 5 below to access them. 


Step 1: Choose an Activity

Step 2: Recruit Support

Step 3: Tell GINA

Step 4: Alert the Media

Step 5: Gather Resources

Step 6: Celebrate World Asthma Day!


1: Choose an Activity


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2: Recruit Support


  • Get advice about activity planning and be the first to find out about new World Asthma Day materials and resources: follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Link up with other World Asthma Day activity organizers in your area, and seek advice from organizers of past events, through GINA's listings of World Asthma Day activities around the world.
  • Talk to others you'd like to participate in your event: local or national government representatives; leaders of your hospital, medical school, or respiratory society; schools; prominent people with asthma such as athletes and entertainers.


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3: Tell GINA


  • Let us know about the activities youre planning for the public, health care professionals, and the media. We'll post the details on this Website.
    Fill in Web-based activity information form
    Download activity information form (MS Word) to email to GINA


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4: Alert the Media


  • Use GINA's step-by-step guide to working with the media to help you gain media coverage of your World Asthma Day activities.

     Download the Media Guide (MS Word)

     Read the Media Guide online


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5: Gather Resources


High resolution, for banners and posters (.pdf)
Low resolution, for use at thumbnail size and on the Web (.jpg)

  • GINA documents and other resources can be distributed as part of your event.
  • Template press release. Download, adapt with information about your event, and distribute to your media contacts.
  • Media backgrounders: include these in your media kit and distribute to supporters to help them understand and get excited about World Asthma Day:
  • "Brand" your World Asthma Day Materials with the 2015 World Asthma Day logo:
  • Posters for patients and the public: Adapt, print out at poster size or as leaflets, and use as educational materials to support your World Asthma Day event:
  • Credit where credit is due: We are happy for World Asthma Day activity organizers around the world to adapt GINA's WAD materials with local information or statistics, or to "brand" their own materials with the WAD logo. However, we ask that you acknowledge GINA's hard work in organizing this event: *If you adapt GINA's materials for your own event, please do not remove the statement that GINA is the organizer of WAD where this statement appears on various materials. *If you add the WAD logo to your own educational materials, please also include the following statement in your document: "World Asthma Day is an annual awareness-raising event organized and sponsored by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). For more information please visit http://www.ginasthma.org/World-Asthma-Day."


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6: Celebrate World Asthma Day!


  • We hope your event is a great success!
  • After World Asthma Day, monitor your local media for coverage of your event.
  • Tell us how it went!
  • Remember, it's never too early to start planning for World Asthma Day next year!


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